Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NAMM 2011 - Rumours

With the NAMM show in LA starting this week, there are a lot of rumours about new products and releases from a lot of guitar manufacturers around the world.

Here are a few that are getting us @ deluxe guitars excited:

Eventide - SPACE

Blackcat - Mini Trem

Malekko - E. Filter

Strymon - Lex

Diamond - Memory Lane Jnr, Maquis Germanium Boost, Overdrive

Effector 13 - Console II

Red Witch - Seven Sisters (see post below)

Rockbox Electronics - Baby Blues Overdrive

Eventide - Power Factor (Regulated, Linear power supply to power up to 3 factor series pedals)

Mad Professor - Stone Grey Distortion

and many more to yet be announced.....

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